Be Aware of Early Signs of Injury

Each and every day our feet take us from here to there – whether we are simply walking the dog or doing more strenuous activities like running. They are the foundation to your body, and as such, when they suffer, you can expect other aspects of your life to be impacted, too.

Indeed, the well-being of your feet is connected to your overall health. And problems in the lower limbs can actually be a good indicator of other, even life threating medical problems, like diabetes.

But the truth is, too often, our feet are taken for granted and foot issues are ignored until they become a serious problem. However, hoping that your feet will get better on their own is one of the biggest mistakes you can make – the longer you wait to seek professional treatment, the harder it will be to fix the problem.

Before you know it, you are no longer able to enjoy your favorite sports and standing in the kitchen to cook your secret recipes becomes impossible. Even worse, just getting up and going to the bathroom on your own can become a daunting task!

And you don’t want to be robbed of your mobility and independence, right?

Well, the good news is that there are plenty of preventative steps you can take to ensure your feet are kept in good shape. In fact, things like addressing ill-fitting shoes or using a pair of custom orthotics for better support and foot function, can truly be life changing. You should also be aware of early injury symptoms that may warrant a closer look from a professional, so let’s get right to it.

Common Foot and Ankle Injuries

Now, you may be wondering what are some of the most common foot problems we treat here at our office. Below are a few:

Of course, you can also experience many other foot problems, from athlete’s foot and blisters to stress fractures and shin splints.

Fortunately, for as many possible injuries your feet might endure, there are just as many measures you can take to make sure you steer clear from painful symptoms. (Which brings us to our next point.)

Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

Whether acute or chronic, the pain you experience can very well be an indication of an injury. Keeping that in mind, here are some symptoms of injuries you should be on the lookout for:

No matter which symptoms you are exhibiting, you should come visit our office for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan. In the meantime, take some notes – we have great tips coming up on how you can prevent painful foot injuries from becoming a reality in your life.

Preventing Foot Injuries

The first step to preventing foot problems is to start paying more attention to them. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind when caring for your feet and ankles:

And, of course, you should also seek medical care whenever you become aware of anything unusual in your feet or ankles – early intervention is best for optimal recovery.

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